Many Uses for Mason Jar Lids

Skeleton Plates

I added these cute little foam pumpkins and Plastic Lawn Stakes with Plastic Chain Connectors to the grave yard to try to add to it and make it look a bit more convincing. 

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​reCap Mason Jars

The Front Porch

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Decorating outside for Halloween is important! Lots of trick or treaters will be outside, your family and friends when they come to visit, and everyone driving by (even the mail man!)
Make your yard something to look at! 
Every year we set up this Grave Yard in our front yard. I use a mix of Tombstones from Dollar Tree and other tombstones from a few other places.  

Click here to check out this years Dollar Trees selection of Tombstones.

This look was super easy! I have a small plate hanger in my dining room, I usually decorate small plates or tiles and put them up there but this year I found this cute Skeleton Block Sign at Dollar Tree and I had to get it. It was originally glued together with ribbon, I ripped the ribbon off and stuck each piece into the plate hanger. Pretty cute right?

Your entrance way is just as important as your yard when it comes to decorating for Halloween. A little Dollar Tree magic goes a long way in places like this! I used some of Dollar Trees Creepy Cloths and Spider webs to get the look I was going for here. I save this stuff each year and use it again and again but this porch cost me about $5 to decorate! Score! 

This Trick is one of my favorites! it is so simple with a amazing result,  its crazy! I bought a Halloween Door and Window Cover from Dollar Tree, taped it to the outside of a window in our house that unfortunately for us leads to a shed. I then pulled the shades down and turn on the shed light for this amazing look. This would also work well on a front porch. Creepy Huh?

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Now get to your local Dollar Tree and start decorating for Halloween!!! Its almost HERE!!!

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Dollar Tree is a amazing place to find awesome stuff to really make your home Spooky this Halloween season!
​I can seriously be in a Dollar Tree for hours shopping for little things that I feel I "Need" in order to make my house look as Fantastic as I can during the holidays.  
I've put together a list of a few Dollar Tree products I have personally used to decorate with links to each product I used.
So drop what your doing, run to Dollar Tree and get started making your home Spooky!

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I love setting up fairy gardens. I have a little bit of adhd when it comes to these little gardens and I am constantly changing them to fit the season, holiday or my mood (lol)
Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop for fairy garden stuff no matter what season it is but they do have EXTRA cute Halloween fairy garden pieces! (little bone bridge, bone gazebo, mummy figure, and reaper figure) I'm not sure where I got the skeleton bugs but Dollar tree does have a bird that looks similar. (Find the skeleton bird HERE) I can not seem to find the fairy garden items online but they are always in the holiday section at Dollar Tree Store locations

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​Our Green House

Haunted Fairy Garden

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​Dollar tree

Who's that?
​In the Window?

They come with a little sticks to stick them into the ground, best part is they are affordable so leaving them outside to get ruined isn't the end of the world (if they get ruined I will get new ones next year) but so far so good. I have set mine up for about 3 years and they are still in good condition, I still buy new ones each year and add to it!

The Grave Yard

Halloween Costumes 2017

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​Dollar Tree

Getting Spooky With Dollar Tree

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