#36 The Polar Express 

#6 Cuddle up with a Good Book

#16 Captured

#37  Taking decorating into her own hands

#15  Prince Charming

Holly is getting into some trouble here, shes taking off with our ornaments! 

Looks like Holly found the candy dish... but who doesn't love chocolate in the middle of the night?

On Christmas Day Holly usually goes back to the North Pole. This year her and the Grinch finally teamed up, the Grinch is saying he stole some presents (he didn't) and the kids could have cared less what that stupid Grinch had to say with all the gifts they got! 

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I found a cute little poem on pintrest that Holly left as a note to go along with her book tower! The kids were amazed that Holly got all those books stacked up so high (as was I)

#3 Feeding the Cat

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#32 Midnight Snack

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#34  T.P. the Tree

The kids thought this was hilarious! Holly took some dry erase markers and wrote all over their pictures!

#28 Letters to Santa

#12 Let it Snow

#22 Banana Minions

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#17 The Undie Thief

I loved this one... mainly because it brought all the Christmas movies to the kids attention and made them want to watch them!

#25 Hot Coco Bath

#5 Poop Goes on the Potty!!

Holly and her friends got together for some good old fashion story time. Tonight Holly is reading everyone the store of Pinocchio because someone in the house was having some trouble with telling the truth.

Looks like Holly and Buzz got into an argument about being real or being a toy!

#38 Reindeer Races

She gave out mustaches, funny glasses and cute little notes!

#7 Dry Erase Jokes

#8 Getting Crafty

Holly knew we had a little one having some bathroom troubles so she took it upon herself to write him a note on a cute chalk board in our bathroom and poop some little candy poops into her own potty. Poop should really go IN the potty, but Holly knows best I guess.

#27 Packing Lunch

#11 Sprinkle Angels

We wrote letters to Santa one night and Holly delivered them herself! How nice of her!

The kids LOVE this movie! Holly brought this all the way from the North Pole!  She had the train running around the tree when the kids came down in the morning!!

It was getting really close to Christmas and we STILL had no snow yet. So Holly made it snow in our living room!!!! It was AWESOME! 

Holly thought she would help out by packing Ava's lunch for her. Candy, Marshmallows, sprinkles, gummies, and cupcakes should be a good balanced meal.

#19 Coloring

#18 Lending a Helping Hand

The Grinch and Holly have it out for each other at our house! Holly looks like she could really use a little help here!!! Seems the Grinch has her trapped!

#10 The Bad Grinch!

As I mentioned before Holly and the Grinch have it out at our house. Here Holly seems to have him contained for the moment (although it does seem there may have been a struggle)
Best part of the story is Cam (3) thought that because Holly trapped the Grinch he was some terrible monster that must be stopped at once. (He also called him the GrUnch) so at 6AM when he came down stairs to pee I was woke by his screams in fear the "GrUnch" was going to get out of Holly's trap. 

#4 Reindeer Sleigh Rides

#39 Elf Swing

Ok, so it's actually Eric, from the Little Mermaid... He is the only boy barbie that lives in our house. Anyway, Ava (5) just about lost her mind when she came down and found Holly like this. 

I think Holly was trying to hint that maybe we should go back to Santa's Village to visit with Santa!

#24 Do you Wanna Love a Snowman?

#1. Shes Baacccckkk

Holly Comes when our tree goes up. Our tree was up, but not decorated when she came this year. Its so nice of her to always bring her book with her! (Dont mind our half lit tree)

A bit of green food coloring and some left over Christmas craft junk and Holly Elfed our milk! The kids ate it in their cereal in the morning!
And how cute is her scarf?!

#21 Elf on the Shelf

#26  The Tower of Books

This year we didn't get our tree up in a timely enough manner for our Holly. She apparently couldn't wait for us any longer, one morning we woke up and she had pulled out our little white tree and decorated it with bows!

Holly stacked up a whole huge tower of the kids books to try and get them to read more!

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#9 Leading the Choir

#23 Santa's Village 

Holly decided our Christmas tree was missing something, like the kids underpants! The thought this was so funny.

#40 Grinch Team Up

Cam looks like he has been made into a snowman and Ava is turned into a princess (with a mustache)

Holly must watch me during the day while the kids are at school!!  Looks like she thought I could use some help. 

Holly thinks reading is important, she is always playing with the kids books. Shes all cuddled up with our Christmas pups with her Elf on the Shelf book!

#35 Sweet Tooth

#2 Another Return!

#14 Elf Milk

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Holly loves the snow and snowmen! Looks like she borrowed one of my craft fair signs and used it to say her own message!

The kids thought I was going to be really mad at Holly for making such a big mess in the kitchen! I wasn't. lol.  She makes big messes often.

40 Great ideas for your Elf on the Shelf 

Holly always tries to set a good example for the kids and is always willing to lend a helping hand where needed. Here she is helping all these Santa's move Christmas Trees.

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Wrecking balling on anything is funny, a large ornament would be better for this but Holly uses the decorations provided. lol.

#33 Snow Flake Wrecking Ball

Remember Elf on the Shelf is meant to be fun! It's a fantastic way to make your kids Christmas memories that they will have for a lifetime, Lets keep holiday magic alive!

#30 Back pack gifts

Here Holly is having a nice relaxing time in her hot coco bath.

Holly had a chilly night locked in the freezer after trying to get her hands on the good stuff. The kids just about gave up while looking for her. (This was before she got her awesome skirt and boots!)

#13 Story Time

#31 The Christmas Movie Thief 

Holly is here feeding our Orange Kitty (yes our cats name is Orange Kitty) I don't think Orange kitty really liked the candy canes but shes even got a tiny shovel to shovel cat food!  So cute! 

Here Holly is riding Clarice  giving reindeer sleigh rides to all our other Christmas elves.

I think Holly did this to our bananas to catch the attention of Kaiden (8) who has a hard time excepting that Holly is real and really watching him. He felt like she really knew him after this.

Tonight Holly is holding choir practice with her snowman friends!

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#20 The Grinch Trap

Holly made herself her very own swing out of decorations she "found"

The kids left out their coloring stuff when they went to bed and Holly got into it. She colored a cute picture for Ava and Cam. 

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Holly made a huge mess with this one! This was a night I fell asleep early and my boyfriend took the elf wheel. lol.

Holly takes this whole elf on the shelf thing very seriously.

Me being the holiday nut that I am, our family's elf on the shelf is a very active girl! Her name is Holly, These are pictures of her from 2014 and 2015. She gets into lots of trouble and the kids come down stairs everyday so excited to see who can find her first. Be sure to follow all her craziness this Christmas season on our facebook! I heard from Santa Holly might have asked for back up and we may have another elf coming to help her, since you know their are so many kids and just one of her! 

#29 Stealing Decorations 

Here Holly decided to take the decorating into her own hands and add some more to our white table tree. Thanks Holly.

Holly wrapped the kids backpacks! The kids were NOT a fan of this trick! They thought these were real gifts.