Once all your wands are painted solid brown (and dry) its time to add some character and detail to the wands, you know to make them look authentic.  I used a Gold MED tip paint pen and a black FINE tip paint pen (also found at Walmart or any craft store) They are fairly inexpensive at Walmart, between $1-$4

Three parts black paint, One part water

​Once you handles are made you can add more glue to the wand shaft to make it look even cooler. Add lots of blobs and snake like glue strings, i went a little crazy and tried making things like snakes and spiders on a few. I tried my best to make them all unique (like their soon to be owners)

I am Making 20 wands in total, I made them in groups so my photos do not have them all in each stage together. (sorry about that)  So we start with the naked chop sticks and our glue. We got our chop sticks from our favorite buffet and these glue sticks came from Dollar Tree, i personally hate them because they are so short, I would recomend the longer ones. I usually get the longer ones at walmart for around $3 a bag (but its totally worth it) Heat your glue gun up and just really lay it on the end of the chop stick without the point, (we are forging the handle) just let it flow while spinning the chop stick, it reminded me of blowing glass, the glue just goes where it wants and forms whatever shape its going to. I did this in sections and layered the glue in spots to make them a little gnarly looking

Let dry over night and BOOM! We have our homemade Harry Potter wands! I may or may not put a spray gloss over them before I hand them out for the party but I am still undecided on that, they seem like they are pretty durable. but you may choose to add some gloss. I cant wait to see how much the kids love them!! I will put some big pictures of the wands up close so you can see all the detail in each.  I hope this helped you make these great wands yourself! love these but just dont have the time to DIY? inquire about ordering your own assortment from me for your epic Harry Potter party! 


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Lets Get Started

      So its that time again where Kelly and I are running around getting stuff ready to throw another epic birthday party... The party theme? HARRY POTTER!!!!! (((YESSSSS)))) My inner dork is jumping up and down!!!! I am making the kids wands to use to cast spells on each other or practice their defense against the dark arts or you know... poke some eyes out ((haha)) lets hope not.  Anyway, there are already lots of tutorials on how to make these on pintrest and they are all great and all a little different so be sure to search around for different versions of these hot glue wands and make them your own!

​​*Chop Sticks (the rounded edge kind)
* Glue Gun
*Glue Sticks 
*Brown Acrylic Paint
*Black Acrylic Paint 
​*Gold Med tip paint pen
*Foam Brush (at  least 2)
​*Paper towels 

I mixed a bit of black into my brown paint to make it darker, you dont have to do this if you dont want to, i just like the way the darker brown looks. If you do decide to mix colors make sure you make enough, nothing worse then having to try to match a color you made half way through a project... (I bring this up because I almost ran out lol)

Next we are going to try to make the handles of the wands look dirty i guess you could say,  in the tutorial I read it was called antiquing. I'm sure I'm not doing this the correct way but I improvised with adding a bit of water to a little bit of black paint.  I made it so that it was thick enough to not just drip off the wands. I applied this mix to the handle and the gold parts on the shaft, then blotted it with a dry paper towel. 

I painted them half at a time, 2 coats each side,  making sure they are covered (If you miss spots no big deal, you can cover it when you detail them) I recommend to let them dry in jars (or cups, whatever you have) so they get no marks on them while they are drying. 

​Your glue should dry pretty quickly, once it is nice and hard its time for paint! Look over them first and try to pull off any extra strings that might be stuck to them,  pull off others while painting (they are easier to see) Start with painting them solid brown.  I do everything as cost effective as possible so I used this 59 cent paint I found at Walmart.  Its great paint, I use it for a lot of projects. Although, unfortunately it is not always 59 cents. (One can dream) But you can use whatever acrylic paint you want or already have.

I added Gold to the parts that stuck out and added black in a few of the cracks (and covered up all the slips I have with the Gold paint. 

Supplies You Will Need