I pour some glue into a bowl (or  in this case a cut off cup) so I can just dip the balls of streamer into the glue instead of having to squeeze the bottle on to each (that really hurts my hand) I use a Solo cup to pace myself. If you do not pace yourself while applying the glue and streamers your pinata can get to wet and start to cave in. Doing one cup at a time gives the glue some time to dry.  I sit and crumple enough balls to fill the solo cup, then take the balls one by one a dip them into the glue and stick them to the pinata. I started by each wing and worked my way to the middle. Repeat this in sections until pinata is covered. 

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I actually was not going to make a pinata for this party (Because we have had enough candy, thanks) BUT I decided to do it because the party theme is Harry Potter and when am I really going to get another chance to make a giant Golden Snitch? Never... that's when.  I also made it because I wanted to do a tutorial on how to make a pinata since so many of our parties have these great homemade pinatas. Ok, Lets start.

Once all layers are completely dry I am going to stab the wings into the ball.  Do this so carefully,  I almost crushed its sides in.  Once I had them stuck in I went around where the wings and the pinata meet with hot glue to make sure they do not move around. 

      First thing I'm going to do on this pinata is the wings. God forbid the balloon is blown up way bigger then the wings come out, Id rather see the wings first and blow up the balloon accordingly so my Snitch doesn't look distorted and just wrong.

​       I'm going to be making the wings out of card stock on my cricut explore air, but I've already run into a problem, I actually don't have any gold card stock. But I do have yellow, and some gold paint.  So I am going to paint my card stock gold before I put it though my cricut.

Lets Get Started

If you are like me and doing this project at night and its time to let your master piece dry but you would love to just go to bed cover your flour/water mix with some tinfoil. In the morning when you are ready to get started again just whisk it up and go! Nobody likes to be wasteful.

Useful Tip


I figured out where I wanted to glue the skewers, keep in mind that the pointed ends are going to stick into the pinata so put them in such a way that they can easily stab into the pinata without crushing in its sides. I used hot glue to glue them down.

I usually keep my pinata balloons in a bowl while I lay the paper mache, this pinata was extra small compaired to what I usually make. I only got half way through before I had to change the bowl. I ended up putting it on a cup instead.

Supplies You Will Need

*Punching bag balloon (Dollar Store)
​*Elmers glue
*2 big bowls (one to mix the flour & water and one to set your balloon on)
*Party Streamers (Gold)
*Card stock (Wings)
*Skewers (5)
​*cricut explore air or Scissors

Dip your paper into the mix so it is completely covered, wipe off extra with your hands, you don't want it to be to wet. Lay it all over the surface of your balloon until it is covered, going around the tie ends

When I am painting something that requires a few coats and something comes up in the middle of my work (like running out to pick up my kids at camp) I put my paint bowl and brush into a ziplock bag to avoid returning from my journey to a hard brush and a bowl full of sticky unusable paint


Stick the twine through one of the holes and tie it on the inside of the pinata through the trap door. Do this through both holes and cut. I triple knotted the twine on each side so the knot would be bigger and less likely to rip out

Pull the Feathers off and lay them out. We are going to glue these skewers onto the feathers with the pointy side out. The skewers are to help the wings stay sturdy and sticking out in the right direction at all times. They are also they way we are going to attach the wings to the ball when the time comes.

Once both layers are dry its time to pop the balloon inside. DO NOT mess around here. If your pinata is not completely dry and hard and you pop the balloon it WILL collapse and you will have to start all over. I've had it happen, its terrible.  All you have to do is cut a hole in the part of the balloon sticking out and the balloon will release itself. DO NOT PULL on the balloon if it does not release right away, sometimes it takes a little while, just put the project down and leave it alone. Once it releases you will know. It is pretty loud.

These homemade pinatas are a huge hit at all our birthday parties. They are time consuming to make but they are so worth it and much better then store bought. I hope this tutorial was helpful in teaching you how to make your own homemade pinata.  My kids remember each and every one of these I've made for them and talk about them all the time. I love that I am not just making a party game or decoration but memories they will have for the rest of their lives! To me that alone is totally worth the time. Good Luck! & don't forget to share this tutorial!

Its FINALLY time to decorate our pinata. We are going to need our Elmers glue and the streamers. This pinata ended up needing two rolls of streamers (every pinata is different I always try to buy extra) this roll of streamers was a little hard to find because of it's color. I usually get streamers at Walmart for $1, Kelly found these at Iparty for $1.99 which is more than either of us like to spend but we had no other options. 

Once the pinata is completely covered I suggest letting it dry over night before filling with candy and using it, that way you can be sure it is completely dry and hard.



In another bowl mix equal parts flour and water, it should be a runny paste. Mix it with a whisk until smooth.

Once the first layer is done let it dry. this takes a few hours. once it is no longer sticky you can start the 2nd coat

Now that the wings are done we can start the paper mache part of the project.  First we are going to blow up our punching balloon to the size we want the ball to be. I held my wings up to it and added/released as much air as needed until I felt it was the right size. I bought this 3 pack of punching balloons at Family Dollar for $1. You can really find them in a 3 pack like this almost anywhere for $1.

Now we are going to open up cricut design space and find our wings. I simply searched the available images for "feathers" and found these. They were free and I thought they looked very snitch like. I added one and sized it to the correct size then copied it 3 times so they would all be exactly the same. I am cutting 4 so I can double them up with the skewers in between for stability. I then attached the images together and was ready to cut!

Now that the balloon is popped it is time for the 3rd layer to close up the holes on each side. This will be my last layer, you may choose to do one more if you want to make it a bit stronger but making it to strong isn't always a good thing because the kids wont be able to break it open, and that's no fun.

I did two coats of paint on the paper, I only needed one piece for the wings I am making, I painted an extra for another project I was doing at the same time (killing two birds with one stone)  The paint I used is made for glass, but it was such a perfect color gold I HAD to spend the extra dollar to get it. The paint was around $2 at Walmart.  I used a sponge brush to paint the paper, I painted both sides. The paint dried very quickly and made the paper extra stiff which is something I was really hoping for because I want the wings to stay sticking outwards once attached to the pinata.

Next we are going to cut in the trap door for the candy on the back and punch in the holes on the top for our tie to go through. I used a regular kitchen knife to cut in the trap door and a skewer to punch the holes in the top.

Useful Tip

To start we are going to break off pieces of streamers that are about 5 inches long and crumple them up into little balls.

This is a very time consuming project and if you rush you will ruin your project. It sometimes takes me 2-3 days to finish a whole pinata start to finish

I set my dial to Poster board of fear the card stock setting would not be good enough due to the new hardness of the paper caused by the paint. If you do not have a cricut I suggest drawing a feather outline on your painted paper and cutting them out by hand. I have used the old fashion cut it out by hand method long enough before I got this cricut explore air for Christmas this past year from my boyfriend and it is seriously the gift that keeps on giving. I use it to cut out everything and it saves so much time and effort! I love it, I love him, BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!

For all who might not know, the Golden Snitch is a ball in the game of Quidditch in the Harry Potter books and movies. It's a small golden ball with golden wings. Sounds easy enough. 

Tear up your news paper into pieces that are about 3 inches.  Do this before you start dipping your hands into the flour/water mixture because your hands will stick to the paper and it can get really hard to handle

They came out nice and perfect!

DIY Golden Snitch Pinata

PUT DOWN NEWSPAPER!! This is messy and the water/flour mix gets all over EVERYTHING! So really... lay down a lot of paper. 

Add some more glue and lay the back side on top. I went around the edges with tiny bits of glue to close the two layers up a little bit so the wings looked a little more natural. Once they are all glued I did a 3rd coat of paint to make sure they were REALLY gold. Do this to both wings.