Once I put it all on I let it dry a few minutes and pulled all the extra strings off.

I bought these battery powered candles from Dollar Tree, they run off AAA Batteries. You can find these candles on Dollar Trees website HERE or at any Dollar Tree Store. 

Starting my Project 

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And Finally we are done! Don't they look amazing!? 

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Painted each candle ( 2 Coats)

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I opened them all up, and started to lay on the hot glue. I started from where I wanted the bottom of the drip to be all the way to the top of the candle.

This year I have been trying to go for a scarier feel in my house for Halloween now that my kids are getting a little older. So I knew I wanted to go for like a "Haunted Witches House" kinda look, which definitely meant I was going to use a lot of candles in this venture.... gnarly looking candles.
I stumbled across this candelabra, I actually wasn't really sure what to do with it and tried to sell it unsuccessfully on Facebook, after a few no show buyers it made its way onto my kitchen table where I decided to keep it and turn it into a Halloween decoration. (I don't regret this decision) 

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Our Green House

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Our Green House

Many Uses for Mason Jar Lids

I decided to paint them with this Black chalk paint mainly because I painted a few other decorations with it and I would like everything to match. This paint just scratches right off the candles so you should probably just use regular acrylic paint for yours. 

DIY Creepy Candles