I'm always trying to find fun, holiday related things to do with myself and all the kids, I want my kids to become adults who have great holiday memories so maybe they can grow up to do the same things with their kids.  I would hate for the magic of Holidays to die out, I do my best to keep it alive.

So in the spirit of the Nightmare before Christmas I decided decorating a Halloween Christmas tree was a step in the right direction. I looked around on pintrest a bit and saw that this was something that a lot of people do so I felt a little less crazy for dragging a Christmas tree out of my basement in October.

The kids all took their time picking their favorite ornaments to hang up. 

Making Christmas, Making Christmas....

Here are some close up photos of our beautiful tree and ornaments! enjoy! 

The two older boys grew tired of this about halfway though but they took part in a good deal of it so I didn't mind them taking off and leaving more ornaments for the two smaller kids who were having a blast!

I decided that painting some cute ornaments for our tree was something I could do. (I ended up painting WAY more then I originally planned)  I bought a ton of ornaments at the end of season last year (because I do craft fairs so I always need ornaments) so I had plenty to use.

They came out so good I cant even stand it!! I am so impressed with my own free hand painting skills, despite me being a crafter and always being a artist I am never confident when I am painting, especially if what I am painting is supposed to look like a well known cartoon.

They were surprisingly easy to paint, I looked at some pictures online while I painted them so I knew what each should look like. I used paint pens to do the painting because I personally find it easier to paint with a pen then a brush. 

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

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I lit the tree up with orange and purple lights. I had colored lights on it at first but my friend Kelly stopped over and saw it and told me I needed orange instead. She ran to the store and grabbed them for me while I removed the colored lights. (Shes so good to me)

I gathered some stuff from Dollar tree and my Halloween craft bucket in the days before we decorated the tree. I ended up with a few different Halloween garlands, some big bows, a few different Halloween ribbons. We also had this cute Jack Skellington I got at the end of season last year for $2 at Walgreens, I found him a little santa hat to wear in my elf on the shelf stash!

Every year we do a family Halloween costume theme. This years theme? The Nightmare before Christmas!! ((((I KNOW!!!)))) I'm so excited and my inner Tim Burton obsessed self is doing back flips!  I'm that dork that listens to the Tim Burton Pandora station while I put up my Halloween decorations.  I have most defenatly rubbed this off on my kids because they LOVE this movie and singing the songs while I have them booming through the house. They are SUPER excited about our costumes for this year!

The kids had a great time decorating the tree and thought that it was really funny that we were decorating a Christmas tree in October. They were also so excited that we had all these cool ornaments that looked like the Nightmare before Christmas characters.  They were shocked I painted them (as was I) lol.

the finishing touch on our Halloween tree was Jack Skellington on top! I tied this bow onto the tree because I thought it would look good and Jack needed a little help sitting up.

Here is Ava and Cam so proud of their beautiful Halloween Tree!!

I would definitely recommend this fun activity to any family filled with holiday nuts. We had so much fun singing Halloween songs, decorating our tree, and best of all spending time together and making memories the kids will remember for a life time!