Bean Bag Toss

The Pop Darts were ALOT of fun. This game was made from an old canvas painting turned around backwards, nailed to two 2x4's, the trim and wood were then painted red to match the other booths. We used tacks to hold the balloons into place and it was ready to go! Kelly bought the darts for this game at Walmart for around $10 

We Choose our projects. We were both new to this and we didn't want to have dreams of grander. So we searched and searched pintrest for some projects that seemed our speed. It was not a hard search, we found a sea of ideas we were certain we could pull off. 

A Bean bag toss seemed easy enough. Kelly had 2 HUGE pieces of cardboard, one for the bean bag toss and the other for the photo booth.. She sketched the balloons and frog on with pencil and painted over it with a few coats of acrylic paint.  Lastly she cut the bean bag holes out with a xacto knife. We propped it up on some sticks and it was ready to be played! It looked great and was a big hit with the kids because it was easy to win!


I hope you found some of our tips and ideas helpful while throwing your own circus themed birthday party. Good luck and dont forget to share my page!

Fun Extras

The Giant clown inflatable was a really fun thing at the party, everyone took pictures with him and he really added to the circus feel of the party. This guy came from a tag sale for only $10 !

So once the booths were a reality we needed games to go with them. First up was the RING TOSS. We had about 100 corona bottles for whatever reason so it only seemed right we make a ring toss game. We started to paint them both red and white. we just used the cheap spray paint that Walmart had and they came out great!  We ended up using glow bracelets as the rings. 

The circus tent hang out was a pretty good idea. The kids sat inside it and ate pinata candy. My mother bought this tent for the boys at ikea

​*Pallet Game Booths
​*Games for those booths
-Ring toss 
-The Duck Pond
-Bean bag toss
-Dart pop 
*Photo Booth
*Face painting area
*Clown pinata

Ring Toss

Leap Frog

The Duck Pond was a matching game, the ducks had colors on the bottom. I'm not sure where we got them, Walmart or Dollar Tree I'm sure, that's where we got everything else lol.  I had this sand box that my toddler had been using as a pool so we decided it would make a great duck pond.  The Duck pond was a HUGE hit with the small group of toddlers who were at the party. they all ended up soaked but it was like 100 degrees that day so it was welcomed.

The face painting was a good time. I simply sat on a bench and the kids took turns telling me what animal they wanted and I delivered. I bought the face paint at Walmart in the clearance isle, but I have noticed it in the art supplies also.

Pop Darts

​Of all the photo booths we have made over the years I always loved this one. It was just a huge peice of cardboard. First Kelly sketched the oval for the clowns head, then sketched his hair and face, next she painted it with several coats of acryllic paint. last she cut out the face hole with a xacto knife.  We attached it to some wood we stuck into the ground so it would stand up and not fall on any kids lol.  

The Circus Birthday Party has to be my favorite.  Not because I love the Circus, or have some weird obsession with clowns... its because this was our very first big party. My friend Kelly always helps with the parties for my kids but she is actually also my son Kaidens step mom (we were best friends before all that) and after all the years fighting we came together again over THIS very birthday party.  We worked ((TOGETHER)) and pulled this huge party off ((TOGETHER)) It was kinda a big deal.  A life changing deal,  this party was also my first huge step into starting this very business. I loved every part of making this party happen and I had dabbled in it before in small projects but once i realized we could ACTUALLY pull something big like this off my confidence went through the roof. 

​         OK, enough with the mushy stuff.......

I'm not going to lie. the Leap frog game was kind of a bust.  We got some of those little plastic flip frogs from Dollar Tree and a few sand buckets filled with water for the frogs to flip into. The problem was the frogs were not very flippy and the kids ended up just throwing the frogs into the buckets. They still got a kick out of it though. 

Photo Booth

The Clown pinata was definitely one of the biggest pinatas I've ever made.  He ended up being WAY to heavy for his own good once filled with candy and his loop to tie him up ripped right out as soon as we hung him up so we ended up having to just tie a rope around his neck and hang him that way but I guess it could have been worse.

​          Making him took days. I started with 2 punching balloons from the dollar store and with alot of duct tape I formed the neck, I also taped on a regular cheap birthday hat on top his head and layered paper mache over the tape, hat and the balloons. I did 3 or 4 layers of paper mache letting it dry in between layers. Once he was completely dry it was time to pop the balloons inside him, (this is very stressful because if the paper mache is not completely dry it can collapse inward and all your hard work is wasted (I've had it happen with a angry bird pinata)

​         I cut a door in his back (to add candy in later) and made the holes for the loop of twine to hold him to the rope (which ended up being a huge fail)  I outlined his face, hairline, bow tie and overalls with a sharpie and then began the streamers.

          I use party streamers as the color on my pinatas. I unroll and ball up about 5 inches of streamers and use regular elmers school glue to glue them on where I want them. I have seen tutorials about people painting them instead of this streamers method but I personally think this looks so much better even though its really time consuming. 

All these games... We should really have prizes. We are looking alot like a carnival so we figured Hanging the prizes up above the games like a carnival was a great idea.  We were a little short on giant teddy bears and cap guns but we did have a giant bag of worthless 90's beannie babies that looked like they could use new homes. We mixed them with a few random Dollar Tree toys and hung them all up on some twine we ran across all the booths. I had a roll of tickets left over from my baby shower so for every game the kids won we gave them tickets, at the end of game time we let them trade their tickets in for prizes. The kids loved it and those poor unloved beannie babies went home with some new owners ((YES)))

How to throw an epic Circus birthday party!

Face Painting

The adults who were working the games wore furry stick on mustashes from Dollar Tree which was a really cute idea except for the fact that it was like 100 degrees outside so they just melted right off our faces

And so it began... We based our idea decisions on what we had laying around to work with. Kelly and I are always collecting things. Good things. Like bottles and pallets lol.  So the Game booths would be made from pallets (She had a few in her yard that were going to work out perfect.) so her husband built them and we painted them red and white striped. They came out PERFECT!

Duck Pond


First Things First

Lets Win!

We had a bbq style food layout for this party. We found these great pop corn boxes and paper bags at Dollar Tree and thought they were really cute and something you might find at a circus, so we filled the bags with pop corn and put some treat bags for the kids in the pop corn buckets. This was our first party so we had yet to learn how food can be a huge part of the decorations.. we absolutely know now though.