It all started with a little love

My name is Ashlee and I am the creator of Irish Fox Creations, I am a mom of 3 boys and step mom to a adorable little girl. 

It all started with a LOVE for junk. I am always picking up discarded items that I believe still have potential. Sometimes its random wood, glass jars, bottles, Frames, old paintings, and EVERYTHING that you could imagine! You would be surprised what people just throw away these days. What once was just a hobby is flourishing into a fantastic small business based out of Connecticut. Almost all of my items are recycled products which means we are helping to save the world AND making our houses adorable! Its a win win really. This is the same reason it is very rare for two items to be exactly alike, so if you see something you fall in love with grab it before its gone!! We also feature lots of NEW items as well as recycled such as clothing, glasses, mugs, tumblers and much more!

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