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Halloween Costumes and Accessories 2016

I made these jar lights using  Mod Podge to create this look with tissue paper.

See some much nicer jar lights I have for sale here.

Healthy Snacks

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The Dancing Ghosts

Jar Lights

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I love my little dancing ghosts. I would have liked them to be bigger but I used what I had to make these.

I simply stabbed a chop stick through a foam ball (From Dollar Tree or Walmart) I cut up a old sheet into squares, I draped the sheets over the ball/chop stick combo and added a bit of glue to the top of the head. 

Draw on the faces and tie them together and your done! 

My ghosts are going on 3 years old so I think this year I will need to make some new ones but they were cute while they lasted and 3 years is a mighty long time for something like this to last!

This was very cute but it only lasted this one season. I made the sign out of a picture frame painted with some chalk board paint and acrylic paint. I decopodged the frame which was a mistake because it was outside and was ruined the first time it rained. 

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Most of this decor was featured on 

I fell bad leaving it out even though I already talked about it because it was part of the party.

Not to mention I'm writing this 2 years after this party... I 'm running low on pictures!

(Just about this whole page is about food) 

Party Decor

The Food

Halloween Costumes and Accessories
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Everyone really loved these. They were very easy to put together. I took the large thin pretzels and broke the big loops off to be the legs and stuck them into the chocolate mini donuts. The eyes are m&m's that are stuck on with cookie frosting.

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I figured since the kids would be all jacked up on candy and junk food I'd try to feed them something good and good for them. 

The Pumpkins are Clementines, Peeled, with a small piece of celery as the stem. 

The Ghosts are half bananas with chocolate chips as the eyes and mouth. I was not a fan of these because they turned brown and looked really gross after being out for 10 minutes.

The Bats are melon cut with a bat cookie cutter. They were very cute and got eaten right up. 

The Wizard of OZ 
Halloween Party

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Thanks for reading! I am so sorry for the poor photos on this page. Our Halloween party this year will be much better documented, I promise.

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The Cheese Plate

Happy Halloween
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Mini Donut Spiders

I've decided to name each Halloween Party page after our costume theme of that year. As I've said many times I am a Halloween nut and I LOVE the idea of my family dressing in family costumes! So every year for the past 3 years the kids and I choose what we are all going to dress as. So 2014 was The Wizard of OZ... don't we look so cute?!

Note in the back ground of this picture My cute jar lights all lit up! 

The trail mix I made is in the back ground as well. I will most likely make that again this year because it was very easy and very good.

The Puking Pumpkin

Popular Halloween Costumes and Accessories 2016

Cheese is my favorite food to eat at parties. I love all kinds of cheese and really love that giant stick of pepperoni that you have to cut yourself. I definitely make an awesome cheese plate.

I cut out some ghosts out of slices of some white chedder cheese, stuck a tooth pick in them and stuck them into the pepperoni so they looked like they were floating. I cut a few other kinds of cheese just in squares to save on time (and cheese) and i put a few ghosts on top of the cheese squares to make it look like more.

The Middle are cut cheese sticks, they are pulled apart at one end a little bit with a pretzel stick stuck into the other end to look like a broom.

The puking pumpkin was pretty funny. I used guacamole as the dip. If I do something like this again this year I will most likely use a different dip to fill it. The kids thought it was hilarious but they all foolishly hate guacamole.

I was also taught by my Irish dad that you mix sour cream into guacamole which is apparently not something everyone does (like no one) so that's why it looks white in the photo. I have been made fun of by my friends for this mistake since and I have given up making guacamole for anyone but myself.

(its so good tho I don't care)

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Other than the decopodge mistake this was super cute. Her shoes were a pair of mine that I no longer wear, I spray painted them  red and filled some witch socks I bought at Dollar Tree with news paper (another outdoor mistake)

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